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Lacey Chabert fucking herself with dildos

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Lacey Chabert knows she can’t always have a guy around to fuck her pussy whenever she’s feeling horny, which is why she always has a cabinet chockfull of dildos to keep her occupied during those lonely nights. And to advertise her expertise in sex and fucking, Lacey sent out these pictures of her masturbating, in one photo, with a humongous cock dildo, and in the second, with two smaller ones, but simultaneously, plugging her pussy and ass and getting the most out of all the holes god gave her. Wouldn’t you be sold with such a satisfying and enticing display of skill? And aren’t we lucky to have Lacey Chabert, who not only supplies us entertainment with her lips from doing voice work, but also supplies us similar entertainment with her lips downstairs by pounding it relentlessly with all manner of dildos available within her reach.

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Lacey Chabert’s interracial fuck pics

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Just from reviewing the multitude of horny naked pictures we have of Lacey Chabert, I’ll let out a low whistle and conclude that this horny celebrity chick is one wild slut. Not fine with just having her regular-sized fill of cocks up her pussy, she’s enlisted the assistance of these black studs to bring her to orgasm. She’s probably already fucked too many white guys that her pussy’s already hanging low and gaping wide for her to feel anything anymore, so that’s probably the reason why she made the big switch.

And what a fuckin’ big switch it is. Look at that foot long cock; the fuck’s not even halfway inside Lacey’s vagina and she’s already smiling like it’s Christmas come early. If that doesn’t make Lacey cum, I don’t know what will. But she seems to be enjoying it immensely, and I am too, in seeing these hot interracial fuck pics of Lacey Chabert. You’ve just gotta hand it to the bitch, huh? She’ll go to any lengths, and I mean literally, just to keep her lusting self satisfied. One thing, though, I pity the next guy who inserts his dick inside Lacey Chabert–he’ll need two more guys inside the slut if he wants to feel any tightness at all. Which, wait for it, calls for an orgy with Lacey in the middle! Ah, good times.

Cum-eating Lacey Chabert in pictures

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Aside from doing popular voicework for The Wild Thornberrys and Family Guy, Lacey Chabert‘s mouth also does wonders as a cum target. Check her out here as some lucky dude gets to blow his load right into Lacey’s open mouth, letting the cum dribble from her pursed lips. This is one horny celebrity whore who’ll do wild things just so she can get the maximum amount of pleasure whenever she’s found a guy who’ll fuck and suck her for free. Well, not exactly free, since she needs the guy fucking her to hold his cum in and either a) pull out and spill his cum on his body, then spread it like it’s fucking Coppertone on a sunny day, or b) make like James Bond and aim his cock straight into her mouth for an oral cum bath. Heh, she thinks we’re paying her by doing that, but she doesn’t know it’s fucking part of the free package.

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